Date:25 Sep, 2018

Skills:Microsoft Azure IIoT

Client:wetcon GmbH


We implement solutions for device manufacturers and control system providers based on the technologies FDT and FDI, as well as IIoT solutions based on Microsoft Azure. With, we now offer a cloud-based service that provides audit trails and asset information for field devices processed with PACTware via a web browser. For each field device, the history of the NE107 status information, the changed device parameters, error messages that occurred and device operations performed by the user are available. In addition, the user can configure alarms with e-mail notification and provides statistical information on the use of the respective field device types. The reports can be adapted and extended by the user directly in the browser. In PACTware, all you have to do is install a plug-in provided free of charge, which provides the corresponding information for any DTM completely transparently for the user in the cloud. A user’s data is hosted in a secure sandbox within Microsoft Azure.

When using PACTware as a service tool, a device manufacturer receives for the first time an overview of the use of his field devices during the operation of a system, its operator, a history of all performed device operations and their maintenance status. For the connection of further field devices or tools, also offers a REST-based interface. offers free 30-day test access, after which billing is based purely on the number of connected field devices.

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