PACTware Solutions

Date:25 Sep, 2018

Skills:PACTware, FDT

Client:PACTware Consortium e.V.


PACTware Solutions

As a PACTware Solution Provider, complete solutions are created as customer- and hardware-specific service tools using PACTware as a framework application and specific PACTware extensions. The standard functionality of the PACTware frame application can be extended with an extension or plug-in. Communication with field devices is realized with so-called DTMs. A DTM (Device Type Manager) is, so to speak, the device driver with which the entire communication between PACTware and the field device takes place. In addition, the connected devices can be configured (parameter read out and written down) and maintained with a DTM within PACTware.

We offer the development of PACTware plug-ins as well as DTMs according to the FDT standard.

Operation with PACTware

Plug-Ins in PACTware

You can download the current PACTware version directly from our download area.

Further information is available on the PACTware website.