Device Integration Is One of Our Expertise…

The OPC UA Plug-in for PACTware extends PACTware with an OPC UA Server and integrates every field device integrated in the system via PACTware into standard IIoT scenarios.

Features include the implementation of the OPC UA Device Integration (DI) information model, reading and writing of online and offline device parameters via OPC UA, out-of-the-box support of all DTMs, an exemplary connection to Microsoft Azure IoT Central and Amazon AWS IoT in source code, as well as certificate-based encryption.

Our plug-in is available as open source on GitHub as well as direct Setup.

Cloud-based asset monitoring for field devices in PACTware with fielddevice.cloud, the first IIoT solution for field devices.

As member of the FieldComm Group we also offer consulting and support for FDI Solutions.

We offer Consulting and Support for FDT Solutions customized to customer requirements and existing software components. Based on own FDT toolkits the creation of customized FDT solutions, like development of certain DTMs, is possible.

We as PACTware Solution Provider create, with use of PACTware as frame application and specific PACTware extensions, complete solutions as customer and hardware specific Servicetools.

You can download the frame application PACTware from us free of charge.

OPC Unified Architecture (OPC UA), is an industrial M2M Communication Protocol. It has the ability to not only transport machine data (controlled variables, measured values, parameters, etc.) but also to describe it in a machine-readable semantic manner. We also offer consulting and support for OPC UA.