PACTware OPC UA Plug-In

PACTware OPC UA Plug-In

The OPC UA Plug-in for PACTware opens up new IoT scenarios for DTMs – as open source on GitHub from wetcon. Included are examples for connecting to Microsoft IoT Central or Amazon AWS in source code.

PACTware as Download

PACTware as Download

Als PACTware Solution Provider bieten wir nicht nur PACTware-Erweiterungen sondern auch die Rahmenanwendung PACTware selbst, zum Download an. Diese können Sie ab jetzt in unserem Downloadbereich kostenlos herunterladen. Weitere Informationen über PACTware finden Sie...

IHK Event “Industrie 4.0”

IHK "Industrie 4.0 - Offers for Medium-Sized Enterprises" As part of the IHK event KMU IT Network. Industrie 4.0 – Offers for Medium-Sized Enterprises the IIoT platform fielddevice.cloud and the development services in the environment of Industrie 4.0 and Cloud were...

Article about PACTware Live Training 2018

PACTware Live Training 2018 Live Trainings for Commissioning, Diagnosis and Maintenance in a New Design Vienna, Linz, Burghausen and Innsbruck were the four stations of this year's PACTware Live Training in germany and austria. A total of 120 participants attended the...

PACTware Live Training 2018

PACTWARE Live Training 2018 The PACTware™ Consortium e.V. visits industrial centres in Germany and Austria with the PACTware™ Live Training. The half-day event is organized with live trainings and a table exhibition. It enables a direct exchange between the...

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