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One Codebase Two Apps – With Xamarin

Your Windows Application Becomes An App

The wetcon Xamarin Experts support you with the migration of your existing .NET Windows application towards a mobile app:

  • Analysis of the migration potential for an existing .NET application within 3 business days…free of charge

  • Support of your developer team as external expert

  • Implementation of the app migration by our experts from wetcon…at fixed price

We are happy to advise you without obligation, even at your site.

Contact: xamarinexperts@wetcon.net

In contrast to native development of apps per platform with specific tools and programming languages, the cross-platform development with Xamarin offers a uniform code base for all mobile platforms. Existing .NET-based program code can mostly be used in apps without further modifications. This also offers the advantage that functional enhancements and bug fixes are then directly available on all platforms.

Apps created with Xamarin are suitable for the use on (almost) all mobile operating systems. In contrast to developments based on web technologies, native apps come with the corresponding performance advantages and the seamless integration in e.g. iOS and Android.

Our Xamarin experts have written professional articles about App Development with Xamarin:

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We also send you these articles on request.