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Consulting has fallen into disrepute. Consultants, coaches, trainers and mentors appear at every corner – especially in social networks. Customers are spoilt for choice… who fits in with us? Who understands us? And above all: who will help us achieve the goals we have set ourselves? Here we try to tell you briefly and concisely if and why you might fit in with us and how we achieve our goals.

Point 1: Your goals

Your business model is our starting point. Of course we are IIoT experts. Of course we know who benefits best from the (Industrial) Internet of Things, from automation, from intelligent processes. But the most important thing is not the technology. It is about understanding where you want to go. Where you have the greatest potential and what will take your business forward. wetcon stands for your goals and the way there. Technology – even if we love it – is, for all its expertise and experience, only the vehicle on the way to your goal.

Point 2: Our focus

We have clear ideas about our ideal clients. And we firmly believe in the resonance principle – consultants and consultants must harmonize with each other. By this we mean: Clients must be optimal in three ways. Firstly, with regard to the industry. Secondly, with regard to the size of the company. And thirdly, the proverbial chemistry must fit. All three factors are decisive for good cooperation. We set high standards here because we only want to achieve top results. And that can only be achieved with clear target coordinates, also in the selection of partners.

Point 3: Measurability

Quantification of performance is important to us. And it should also be a decisive element for you in every contract award. We love to talk about goals. But in the end, we need the “definition-of-done”. When is a desirable goal achieved and why? That’s where metrics come in… that’s our hobbyhor and a central dimension of every assignment. Whether it’s pure consulting or implementation. Together with our clients, we define which metrics and/or dimensions have to be achieved to say “job done”. The same applies to all installations and equipment: How is success measured in key figures? Good consulting is essential. The increasingly digital world has become complex. Experience is essential. Especially when it comes to such diverse and complex interrelationships as IIoT or automation. Do you want to increase your level of automation? Digitize processes? Find metrics that make your machines, your processes and thus your business success much easier to measure and control? Give us a call, it only takes your time. And time is what you gain with us in the long run. Your direct dial is 07307-9369180.