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Workshop with Ralf Westphal: Clean Code with AI

We had the pleasure of hosting a two-day intensive workshop with Ralf Westphal on April 25 and 26. Many thanks again, Ralf!

Clean Code

IOSP – Integration Operation Segregation Principle

However, the main topic was clean code in times of and with AI. The “Clean Code” part also dealt with special architectural approaches such as the IOSP – Integration Operation Segregation Principle (see image on the left). Of course, basic definitions of modules could not be missing (see picture below). Ralf always managed to incorporate smaller and larger exercises into his program, which we were then allowed to try out in interaction with AI. In other words, we were able to experience and test live what is already possible with AI in the field of software development – and what is not yet. There is not only the Microsoft Copilot or ChatGPT, but also several other AI tools, such as Langdock, Google Gemini or poe.com. With Langdock, you also have the option of choosing the language model used, including GPT-4 (Turbo), Llama 2, Luminous, Claude or Mistral.

Practical Exercises with AI

Definition – Modules

In our “small” group with a total of 10 participants, we were able to listen and learn very intensively. Ralf was very good at not leaving us too much alone with the theory, but instead challenged us with the tasks we had learned in theory in practical exercises. These could then be solved with the help of AI. Depending on how skillful you were, this sometimes worked better, sometimes worse. However, this is exactly where the learning effect kicked in: what you can do with AI and how you have to formulate it in order to get the best possible results. Consequently, as befits an intensive workshop, there was also intensive programming:

Intensive programming of all participants

If you would like to find out more about Ralf Westphal and his workshops, please visit his website: https://ralfw.de/